Sunday, August 30, 2009

Running Against The Clouds: The Game

This was my first attempt to create a game. I did so having the current Experimental Gameplay competition in mind :

I think my game is eligible for the "Bare Minimum" theme since you can complete the game doing almost nothing, the animations are crude and most of the art is actually black lines on a white background (it was also my first time using Inkscape). Also, I have the bare minimum amount of experience to call myself a game developer!

You can download the game, play it, then see if you get anything out from it.

Nothing? Well, then my storytelling skills would be deeply flawed, and I am sorry. The next game will be better! Or so I hope.


  1. By the way, anyone who wants to see the source code, or play on another platform than Windows, you can download it here :

  2. This is quite a neat little game. Nice, simply visuals. It is a good base that could be expanded on.

  3. Not a bad game, the minimum concept is upheld, and yet it is still interesting. The move speed was aggravating (for those of us who like to move fast), and it was annoying that you just infinitely repeat going left at the beginning- but that's what I get for being a wall pusher I guess. I liked the two real endings, and felt it was a pretty artistic game. I'd say with a couple extra technical feats and a bit longer length, and enough polish, it is as good as Blueberry Garden.